Olivia worked with me on two major studio feature films and was a total pro in every way. Always attentive and one step ahead, with a great attitude, a smile for everyone on the crew, and positive vibes no matter what the circumstances are. She is a great asset to any production!
J. Miles Dale

Olivia Gudaniec is a young, up and coming actress whom I have had the pleasure of meeting. With confidence, I recommend her as an accomplished professional who conjures unique creativity in her capacity as an artist. In the future, I hope to have the pleasure of working
with Olivia again.
Frank Siracusa
Film Producer, President & CEO of Whizbang Films

Olivia is constantly prepared and eager for all the opportunities that come her way. The dedication and perseverance to her craft is
something to admire.
Stephanie Nakamura
Agent/Manager, AMI - Artist Management Inc.

Olivia is a true professional. She is always enthusiastic, respectful and appreciative.
Favra Bickerton
Bickerton Model & Talent

I have had the great pleasure of working with Olivia on season 2 of Reign. I am continually impressed by Olivia's dedication to her craft, her artistic acumen and collaborative spirit! I endeavor to work with Olivia in the near future on any suitable project and I recommend her to everyone with my highest regards.
Matt Whelan
Commercial Director - House of Cool Studios, Vfx supervisor - Spin vfx

I have had the pleasure of working with Olivia on feature films and TV Series. She is always a pleasure to work with. Her professionalism is constantly apparent in her work.
Ciaran Copelin
President of International Cinematographers Guild

I'm proud to say that I have worked alongside Olivia from her first show to her latest. She is a total pro, she has incredible positivity and an absolute pleasure to work with.
Ari Magder
First Assistant Camera

I've worked about 20 episodes of Reign with Olivia and her attentiveness and good spirits have not changed from out first shoot day. Always a smile regardless of rain or snow!
Christopher McGuire
Stunt Coordinator

Olivia's professionalism and good cheer are constant — even when the day gets tough.
Steve Yedlin
Director of Photography

I have had the pleasure of working with Olivia as a stand-in on 2 feature films. As a camera operator I put a lot of pressure on stand in's to do
as the principal actors do. With Olivia, I feel that she gives me the utmost in professionalism. She's a pleasure to have around and always
welcome on my set.
Angelo Colavecchia
"A" Camera Operator

I shoot with many young actors, but Olivia is a stand out! Her natural abilities in front of lens guarantees a long career on the Big Screen.
Russel Bowie
First Assistant Camera: "A" Camera

Olivia is both professional and pleasant. A winning combination for any set.
Roisin McGilly
R McGilly Casting Inc

Olivia is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. I always receive glowing reports from set about Olivia whenever she works and would highly recommend her.
Z. Kleiman
Zameret Kleiman Casting

On the TV series 'Hannibal', I found Olivia to be a very professional and focused stand-in, a pleasure to work with and very helpful.
James Robert Hawkinson
Director of Photography

It is such a pleasure to work alongside Olivia. Her personality and aura is the best medicine anyone can prescribe when dealing with the hard rough edges of the film industry. I'm looking forward to working with Olivia on the next film.
Karl Brown
On Set Dresser (IATSE 873)

It was a great pleasure to work with Olivia, she was always focused and willing to do her best.
Antonio Riestra
Director of Photography

I have worked with Olivia on a few feature films and have found her to be a pleasure to work with. She is attentive, punctual and extremely personable. Her hard work and professionalism is refreshing.
Rico Emerson
Key Grip (IATSE 873)

You did a great job on Mama, everyone was really happy with your work.
Donna Dupere
Taylor (Casting)

I had a great time working with Olivia. She's a pleasant person and a great up and coming actress.
Olivia Le Bihan
Production Coordinator – The NE Inc.

Olivia was exactly what I was looking for – a natural in front of the camera and takes direction very well. Her professionalism was well appreciated, coming more than prepared for her roll.
Marc André Debruyne
Commercial & music video director

I've worked with Olivia on a number of occasions and can say without a doubt that she is reliable, punctual, and has a great attitude.
She carries herself with a level of professionalism that is expected in the industry and always contributes to our shoots in any way she can or is asked of her. She is a fun, outgoing and warm person, and for these reasons above I would highly recommend Olivia and would be happy to work with her again.
Ken Schultz

Olivia is a shining star in the making. It's always a pleasure to work with someone so kind, compassionate and fun! She has a smile that radiates, and is infectious. Her positivity brightens every shoot I've worked with her on. Combine this with her professional attitude and eagerness for perfection – I can see her going far! Love this girl!!
Kayla Jackson
Freelance Professional Makeup Artist

Olivia Gudaniec is a great professional, talented model who always bring creative ideas and incorporate them seamlessly in photo shoots. My team and I really enjoyed doing a series of creative shoots with her. I highly recommend her if you need a beautiful creative model for any type of work.
Sui-Gen Photography

Olivia is very fun to work with. The level of energy on our comedy sets is higher when Olivia is on set. She creates strong characters on camera and knows what works in comedy.
V. Saranga
Director for 3Shade Productions

I love working with Olivia. She is a very commited, dedicated and creative person. Olivia is very versatile and is open to alot of ideas and has really helped me as an individual to become more creative and motivated in the art of hairstyling. Olivia will always be the first and the last person I will consistently work with. Its a great pleasure to work with her everytime.
Maryanne Da Costa, Hairstyling